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Ask me anything   Submit   Hi, I'm Holly and this is my blog. It will mostly feature craft and DIY projects, recipes, things I find inspiring, and the occasional post to do with my etsy shop, HollyGoBrightly. Thanks for visiting :)


I am doing my first ever giveaway!

What you win:

One Large Custom Plush Owl, in whichever colours you want.

How to enter:

1. Go to my facebook page, here:

2. There is a ‘giveaway’ post. Comment on it leaving your colours of choice (I need to know body colour, eye mask colour, and chest colour). Or you can request a surprise!

3. If you want to gain extra entries, reblog this post and/or like my facebook page and/or favourite my etsy shop. Leave your tumblr url/etsy account name in your facebook comment so I know it is you!

4. A winner will be randomly selected on the 31st January!

Thank you for reading :)!

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Calypso's Craft Works: Giveaway!! →


Okay guys here it is! The official giveaway post!

I just have a few rules, they’re very simple.

  1. You MUST be following me.
  2. Reblogs are the only way to get your name in to win
  3. There is not a max (yet) on the number of times you can reblog, but please, be courteous to fellow bloggers. I follow a…
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Guess what guys?


We hit 50 followers! And this is post 500, but hey that’s just awesome, to hit both on the same day!

So I’m going to make the official post for the giveaway right now! :)

This is such a lovely blog :) anyone who is interested in crafts (which i am guessing you all are if you follow me! haha) should check it out :)

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Stationary Giveaway Bundle! (:
For me reaching 500 followers on my Snail Mail Tumblr!

Includes: 5 Pixar Stamps, Card Making Kit, 4 Toy Story Holiday Cards, 7 Assorted Sticker Sheets, 5 Purple Blank Cards with Envelope and Seal Stickers, 3 Ugly Doll Post Cards, 3 White Blank Cards with Envelopes, 2 Colored Blank Cards with Envelopes, 8 Assorted Envelopes, 2 Pens and 2 Pencils.

Dates- Starts: 9/26 Ends: 10/26


  • You must Reblog, (Likes do not count) but you may reblog as many times as you like!
  • You must be following this Tumblr.
  • You must love Snail Mail!

Go, go, go.

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